Genie Garage Door Opener Installation Video For Belt/Chain Drive Opener

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Has a rich and long history of manufacturing garage door opener, makes Genie produces uncountable numbers of garage door openers, accessories and parts. Since the first garage door opener making, there are enormous models has produced. More and more models produced mean that there are many installation instructions written too. For those who buy Genie garage door opener product you will also get the manual of the opener with you, the manual will guide you to install and program the garage door opener.

As the technology evolves and people everything becomes more and more visualized, Genie makes the opener a lot easier to be programmed and installed. Genie provides the users Genie garage door opener Installation video and how to program video.

Users can watch The Genie garage door opener installation video provided by Genie at Genie website Users also can find the installation video provided by others at It indicates that Genie is very concerned about the convenience of their customer to install and program the garage door opener product successfully so it will be less mistakes and damage happen during the installation and programming.

For those Belt/Chain Drive Opener users, you can directly visit the Genie website at and get the various Genie garage door opener installation video for Belt/Chain Drive opener instructions provided by Genie.

There are some installation videos provided such as rail assembly installation video, how to adjust the rail tension video, attaching door bracket on header, attaching door arm to door bracket and shuttle, attaching door bracket to door, attaching rail to powerhead video and any more. Genie even gives the details instruction of how to setting up the limit, setting up the force control and the down limit.

Genie also provides a full video of how to install the Belt/Chain Drive opener for SilentMax 1200/1000 and ChainMax 1200/1000.

genie garage door opener installation video

Users can visit Genie Website to access the installation video.

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