Genie Garage Door Opener Review From PowerMax Users

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Genie garage door opener review from users based on their experience using Genie garage door opener product is beneficial for other users or users to be to decide whether to buy the product or not. Based on the experience, the other users can compare the advantage of using such a product or sharing their experience using the product under different circumstances.

Genie garage door opener review from PowerMax users below may advantageous for you to consider the product:

The first Genie garage door opener review is written by Reggie for PowerMax 1500 1 HPc DC Motor Screw Drive Garage Door Opener, Revolution Series user. She wrote that TriloG is a renamed as PowerMax for customers shake and she assures the name is right by calling the Genie representative by herself. She bought the product to replace her old two garage door openers. She said that the opener is a screw drive opener and it is quite silent when operating compared to her previous chain drive opener. She installed the opener by herself, even though she quiet sure that more help would be needed. She finds the product is convenient as the opener came with a one key remote that able to control up to three garage doors via HomeLink/Car2U and other accessories, keypad is also included. She finds it very useful as the keypad is the replacement of remote when someone does not have the remote, but need access to open or close the door.

Another good review comes from Mike, he was so unhappy at the first time due to a control panel failure. When he bought the product and installed the product, it ran perfectly but within 2-3 weeks of operation, he found the opener is not working due to the control panel failure and he attempted to call the company after several check up. He was sent a replacement within 1 week after a representative came and he was told that his door is unbalanced that cause the control panel to fail. Although he was not convinced enough, he glad about the timely resolution gave by the company.

genie garage door opener review

Users can read the review of the other users of Genie product to share the experience on using the openeree.

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