How To Open Genie Garage Door Opener Screw Drive?

July 18, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

Screw Drive is the first garage door opener that manufactured by Genie years back. The company still uses the Screw Drive system for the garage door opener product up until now due to its simplicity to operate the opener. The Screw Drive system uses a very few parts to operate the opener and it is likely the reason why this Screw Drive opener is favorable.

There are some ways of how to open Genie garage door opener Screw Drive, through the remote control, wall console or keypad. There are some remote controls that can operate the door such as GIT-1 Deluxe Remote Control with Intellicode, GIT-2 2-Button Remote Control with Intellicode, and GMI-3 3-Button Mini Remote Control with Intellicode.

how to open genie garage door opener

How to open Genie garage door is easy, you can use a remote, a keypad or use the wall console.

How to open Genie garage door opener Screw Drive is also easy to use the GWKP Wireless Keypad Entry System – Operates Intellicode, it allows the other member of the family that does not have a remote control or key to access the opener that mounted outside of the garage. Users also can use the GPWC- 2WLB Lighted Wall Console to open the Genie garage door opener Screw Drive when a remote or a keypad is not used for a temporary moment due to the troubleshooting project or replacement project. The Lighted Wall Console from Genie functions are to operate the door, as an independent light control because the wall console is placed inside the garage and as security vacation lock.

After a successful attempt to program the remote control to be learned with the opener, users can use the remote control to open the garage door opener. Here is how to open Genie garage door opener without fail attempt: try to point the remote control at the opener in such recommended distance and press the learned button on the remote one time. The door will move as you release the button.

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