Old Genie Garage Door Opener Remote the 9 or 12 Switches Remote

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Before we know the Intellicode remote that automatically changes code every time the door opens or closes, Genie garage door opener remote used 9 or 12 switches remote. The 9/12 switches remote is an old Genie garage door opener remote used to open the garage door opener with switches. The old Genie is replaced with the Intellicode remote as the Intellicode remote using a sophisticated technology that cannot easily breached by unwanted people by rolling different code as it is engaged.

Although several people still use it up until now, the old Genie garage door opener remote that uses the 9 or 12 switches, is using switches code security system that has to be matched with the setting switches code on the opener. The problem is, when users do not regularly change their remote and opener switches, the code is easily noted by unwanted people and make it less secure than the Intellicode system does.

old Genie garage door opener remote

Old Genie garage door opener remote used dip switches that has to be matched with the set of dip switches on the opener.

However, for those who still uses old Genie garage door opener remote for their opener remote with switches, you can have the remote replacement that provided at the Genie dealer stores or you can find it online at Genie dealer website or any hardware website that provides the accessories replacement for Genie garage door opener product.

Genie garage door opener old remote can be replaced with Genie GT912 Remote. This GT912 remote is Genie garage door opener 9 and 12 dip switch remote with one button and uses 390 MHZ. You need to know if your garage door opener uses 315 MHZ frequency receiver, you cannot use this remote to control your opener. The GT912 remote will replace the AT85-390 remote. Unfortunately, Genie is no longer produces this kind of remote as the company have used Genie Intellicode technology system for all the openers recently. You can still control your remote using Genie GM3T-BX Genie Master Universal Garage Door Remote. Find the authorized dealer or call Genie customer service for detail information.

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