What Is Your Best Genie Garage Door Opener?

July 19, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

A garage door opener is an advantageous innovation in human’s life. What is more convenient rather than sitting behind the wheels and your garage door is opening or closing by itself just like a magic. That is what a Genie garage door opener does. With the experience of almost a half-century, the company has manufactured numbers of innovative garage door openers, parts and accessories. For you Genie users, which one of Genie products to be your best Genie garage door opener?

The answer of what is your best Genie garage door opener product may vary and each individual has his or her own experience and opinion. Genie has several types of garage door opener that its customer can select.

The first garage door opener made by Genie is the Screw Drive Opener. Made the first time and successfully contributes as a best-seller product. Among other DIY users opener, The Screw Drive opener is the most common type of Genie DIY users. The reason why user loves this opener is because the less parts it is used and it means the less damage will happen. With its great performance, the range of price is also reasonable.

The second garage door opener is Belt Drive opener. This opener is using belt to run the opener, it has no metal contact with the rail and makes this Belt Drive opener runs smoothly and quietly. However, you need to do regular maintenance properly to keep the opener runs perfectly without significant service.

The third garage door opener is Chain Drive opener. People love this chain drive opener because it is a low budget opener offered by Genie. It is also durable and long lasting with special designed.

Genie Excelerator is product that Genie had made lately. Genie offers two models in this Excelerator Series, they are The Excelerator and PowerLift Excelerator. Using Screw Drive system, both of the models are powerful and reliable, and run very smoothly when it is operating. So, what is your best Genie garage door opener then?

Best Genie garage door opener

Genie produces several types of garage door opener.

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