Reprogramming Genie Garage Door Opener Remote In An Instant

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Genie garage door opener is the most convenient innovations that made in human’s life. The garage door opener is automatically open and close as a single click of a button through wall button or remote control. Amazingly, one or more than one remote can control the same door as long as the remotes are programmed into the opener that received the signals sent by the remotes as each remote carries different code. People using several remotes for the convenience of each family member to gain the access of the garage, and when a remote control unit is no longer used you can perform reprogramming Genie garage door opener remote.

Reprogramming Genie garage door opener remote is an attempt to clear all memories inside the opener that store the codes of all remote controls signals. All the memory should be erased and when you need to use the remote control again you need to reprogram the remote control.

Reprogramming Genie garage door opener remote is as simple as programming a remote control. Always look for the LEARN code button or the PROGRAM button along with the indicator light. You need to press and hold the learn button for about 10 seconds or until you see the indicator LED light near the LEARN code is off. The action is to make sure that all the memories inside the opener unit are all erased.

The next step, push and release the LEARN button, you will see the indicator light is blinking. Get the remote you want to program and decide which button you want to learn. Push and release the chosen button, the indicator light stop blinking and stays lit solid. Press the chosen button again on the remote control to store the remote control inside the power head’s memory. Press again the remote control button you have learned to test the remote. The door should operate as you release the button.

You need to erase all the memories inside the opener to reprogram the remote

You need to erase all the memories inside the opener to reprogram the remote.

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