Universal Remote For Genie Garage Door Opener Products

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Are you in the process of repairing or troubleshooting your garage door opener remote? Have tried any step by step of repairing project such as replacing the battery, reprogramming the remote, reposition the antenna wire, but end up with a failure of garage door opener to operate? It is time for you to change your garage door opener remote. Get the number and model of your opener and remote, and you can find the replacement of your garage door opener remote at a local dealer or retailer.

You can also visit any dealer or retailer website and find the suitable replacement remote online. Unfortunately, sometimes you find a remote control that compatible with your remote or opener is no longer available due to product discontinuation from the company. However, the company still provides you any other products that may compatible with your remote such as Universal remote for Genie garage door opener.

Universal remote for Genie garage door opener is compatible with any garage door opener and will surely replace any remote control that uses the old dip switches or Intellicode 1 and 2 model. Universal remote by Genie is available to fulfill the demand of the remote control that works with almost all kinds of openers that Genie has manufactured.

The example of universal remote for Genie garage door opener products are Genie GM3T-R Master 3-Button Remote and Genie GM3TBX Garage Door Opener, Intellicode Dual Frequency 315/390 MHz Remote 3Button Transmitter. Both of the products are three-button remote that work with all gated community receivers and 912 units made by Genie. The products also compatible with all Genie Intellicode products and equipped with auto seek dual frequency 315/190 MHZ.

Find the universal remote by Genie at Genie dealer and retailer store or find it online at Genie dealer or retailer website such as Sears.com, lowes.com or homedepot.com. Another online store that provides the universal remote by Genie is Amazon.com.

You can replace your old remote with Universal Remote by Genie

You can replace your old remote with Universal Remote by Genie.

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