Parts For A Genie Garage Door Opener To Consider

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Purchasing Genie products are always easy since Genie cooperates with dealers and retailers to sell Genie garage door openers, parts and accessories. Thus makes any repairing or troubleshooting projects that Genie user do easier.

To find parts for a Genie garage door opener, you need the detail information about the parts that you are going to find. For example, the name of model and the series number of the part. If necessary, you need to know when your garage door opener is manufactured. The parts for a Genie garage door opener is sometimes limited for a certain opener that manufactured in certain period, so be careful before purchasing the parts.

Here are some of the example parts for a Genie garage door opener that you can consider:

Genie 37220R Replacement Safety Beams. Some of Genie opener is equipped with several safety features and Safety Beams is one of it. The beams will project the doorway and if anything come across the door is reversing the motion. Sometimes the safety beams do not work properly because the infra-red photo cell system is broken. If your garage door opener is not equipped with infra-red sensors or your garage door opener is the first generation ISR-3 wire connection beams, you cannot use this replacement part for your opener.

Another replacement parts for your garage door opener is Genie 36179R.S 34107R.S Screw Drive Carriage Assembly. This replacement part is compatible for Genie Excelerator opener. Although Excelerator opener is categorized as new opener produced by Genie, this replacement part will not compatible with newer Genie Excelerator Screw Drive models. You can use this replacement part to replace the discontinued Genie part numbers 20414R and 34107R. Another Genie models that also compatible with this replacement part are Genie models GS980/9800/880/8800, GS820/8200/7200/850/800, PRO82/98/88/90, PRO83/93, PRO88S/98S, PRO83/93, CM7500/8500/7500S/8500S, SD Series, 9500/9000/8000/2500/5000/10000, GXL/GX/G Series, and IS series.

parts for a genie garage door opener

Pay attention of the models name, number and when the opener is manufactured to find the replacement parts for your Genie opener.

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