Genie Garage Door Opener Keypad: Simple Steps to Recode Your Keypad

June 4, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

In 1954 the first residential garage door opener with radio control was produced by a well-known company as now we call in Genie. Genie has been widely known as manufacturer of garage door opener with reliable and powerful products. They have been evolving their product into the smallest devices such as digital wireless keypad. This keypad is easy to install and program. To access your garage door all you have to do just enter your secret PIN and your Genie will do the rest. If problems occur with your genie garage door opener keypad, try to recode your keypad. Recoding is as easy as installing and programming process, simple instruction below will lead you to recode your keypad.

Instead of calling professional these simple and quick procedure are considerable to do when you need your genie garage door opener keypad recoded. At first, take your keypad and open it halfway by lifting the cover. As you see numbers and keys, press and hold “8” and “PROG” buttons. Hold them still while you open the cover by completely lifting it up. You will see the indicator light flashing and suddenly goes off. You may close the cover as the indicator light is off.

genie garage door opener keypad

Recode genie garage door opener keypad is easy to be done

Next step of recoding your genie garage door opener keypad is lifting up the cover of the keypad completely open and the indicator light will once again go flash and suddenly goes out. It means the keypad is ready to be recoded. You may begin recoding your keypad by pressing number three, five, seven buttons and end it with PROG buttons. Indicator light will flash once per second that indicates the process is successful. Right after it, enter your PIN. Your PIN is combination from 3 up to 8 digits of characters. The last step, just press the PROG button and your PIN is confirmed. Do not forget to close back the keypad cover.

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