Few Facts About Alliance Genie Garage Door Opener

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Alliance Genie garage door opener or more popular as Genie garage door opener is the biggest brand in manufacturing garage door opener. There are huge selections of garage door opener because this company started the industry from a half century ago.

With a long history of producing the garage door opener, makes the brand popular as company that manufactures reliable and powerful garage door openers. Who knows that in the beginning, the Alliance Company did not intend to produce garage door opener. The Alliance manufacturing company focuses its business to produce various industrial products. The company also cooperated with military to design and build various products related to military products.

Alliance genie garage door opener

Genie brand was formerly known as the Alliance manufacturing company.

The Alliance Manufacturing Company started the business of manufacturing garage door opener even when there is no demand for garage door opener. When Genie made the first garage door opener in 1954, the garage door opener with simple designed has successfully taken the market intention. The years of 1954 also take an  important role as the same year when the Alliance Manufacturing Company introduced Genie brand opener for the first time in public.

The Alliance Genie garage door opener, two years after the first debut, launched the first Screw Drive Opener and successfully stole market’s attention and brought the Screw Driver Opener to be the first opener that reached the best-sellers product. The Screw Drive opener system still used  up to now by the company, and the company competitor that manufactures garage door opener uses the system of Screw Drive opener too. The reason is simple, the Screw Drive system uses simple parts to operate the opener and the less problem comes along when it is operated.

The Alliance Genie garage door opener Company formerly known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company is now one of the best known manufacturers of garage door openers, parts and accessories and the company has successfully spread the product all over the world.

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