Genie Garage Doors Openers Selection

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Genie Company or formerly known as The Alliance Manufacturing Company has more than a half century experience as the garage door opener manufacturer. Today, the company has become one of the best known garage door opener manufacturers in the market. The company with a long history of manufacturing garage door opener has produced numbers of garage door opener with good quality. No wonder customer is provided with a huge range of Genie garage doors openers’ selection.

The first launched garage door opener made by Genie company is the Screw Drive System. At the opener first debut, it stole the market attention and brought the opener one of the best-sellers products made by Genie. The company up until now uses the Screw Drive system and the competitor company produces almost the similar designed of Screw Drive to produce their own opener. The Genie Excelerator is the latest opener made by Genie and it uses the Screw Drive system. The DirectLift also uses Screw Drive system. With adjustment of speeds and powers, Genie produces Screw Drive openers by maintaining the reliability of the system.

The second Genie garage doors openers’ selection is Chain Drive opener. The Chain Drive opener is the most common garage door opener on the market since it comes with low range prices. The customer also loves this kind of opener because the opener is durable as you maintain the good condition of the parts. Even so, the opener is categorized as a noisy opener and the gears are easily worn out to be used repeatedly. However, you can easily find the replacement parts of this opener with a low budget price too.

The third Genie garage doors openers’ type is the Belt Drive opener. Similar to Chain Drive, Belt Drive uses the same way of operating models as Chain Drive but less noisy since it is used rubber belt. For those who prioritize a quiet operation of the opener to lift weight door, the Belt Drive is the right choices.

Genie Garage Doors Openers

People love Chain Drive opener because the reasonable price.

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