The Genie Garage Door Opener Company

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Almost everybody knows that Genie belongs to one of the largest brand related to garage door opener. Formerly known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company that focuses to produce various industrial products production. The Genie garage door opener company brand opener was firstly introduced in 1954. The company also launched the first residential garage door opener with radio-control in the same year and claims it as the first massed produced garage door opener on the market. Not too bad, the first launched awed the market and successfully got the attention.

That is why when in 1958, two years after the first launching Genie introduced Screw Drive garage door opener for the first time. The Screw Drive opener is the first best-sellers product and up until now still contributes a huge range of a selling point. In 1994, the Overhead Door Corporation brought the Genie garage door opener company.

Genie focuses on selling the Do-It-Yourself openers, but still produces openers sold to professional. The Genie Company did not do the selling project all by itself, there are some dealers and retailers who help Genie sell the DIY products of garage door opener. Some of the authorized retailers are Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Sears. The mentioned companies also belong to primary retailers who sell the Genie DIY line as well as Genie parts and accessories.

You can find Genie garage door opener company products such as openers, parts and accessories online at,,, and many more. Some of the online stores selling Genie garage door opener products provide the review written by Genie users. You can use the review as a consideration when it is time to buy one of the Genie garage door opener products. The review also gives you helpful information about how to maintain the opener, how to program or install the garage door opener product properly.

Genie Garage Door Opener company

Genie garage door opener company was purchased by Overhead Door Corporation in 1994.

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