The Four Button Remote Genie Garage Door Opener

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Genie is the known brand of garage door opener. It is one of the biggest brands that a garage door opener industry has. There is no exact number how many openers, parts and accessories Genie has produced, but it must be a large number. Genie besides producing garage door opener, also produce parts and accessories. The accessories made by Genie include keypad, wall button and remote Genie garage door opener.

A garage door opener is equipped with two or three of the accessories to help users controlling the opener remotely. There are four types of remote genie garage door opener offered, the one-button or single button remote, two-button remote, three-button remote, and four-button remote.

The four-button remote is rarely found, but you will love the Genie 4 Button Mini Keychain Remote GIT390-4. This remote control is an original product of Genie Company that works on 390 MHz frequency. For those who have garage door opener form Genie with Intellicode system or Code-Dodger systems that manufactured from 1997 up to present, you can use this remote as a replacement remote of yours. You can operate up to four garage door or gate in one control of this remote.

When other remote controls have issues with the range of operation, this remote control works well about 150 feet away from the garage. Genie user can go directly to the garage without having to stop first. The unique designed of a keychain makes it portable to be carried everywhere and fit well to be carried in a pocket.

The other reason why people love this four-button remote Genie garage door opener other the compact size and the durability, is because the simplicity of programming. In just few minutes press and release and hold buttons for programming you can use it right away to open the gate or the garage door.

remote genie garage door opener

The four-button mini keychain temote control is in a compact size and easy to be carried every where.

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