How To Program Remote For Genie Garage Door Opener ChainLift Model 1022/1024

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When you purchase Genie ChainLift garage door opener model 1022/1024 you will receive an Intellicode remote with a single-button or multi-button remote. No matter what remote that comes with your ChainLift one thing for sure is how to program remote for Genie garage door opener ChainLIft is easy.

For a good start you can locate the learn code button and indicator LED on the power head. The button is near the force adjustment screws. After that, follow below instruction on how to program remote for Genie garage door opener:

  1. Press and release the learn code button on the opener. The indicator LED is flashing RED for about two times per second.
  2. While the indicator LED is blinking or within 30 seconds, press the button on the remote you want to learn. Indicator LED stops blinking and start to stay lit.
  3. Press again the remote button and the indicator LED will off. The remote is programmed to the opener.

For multi-button remote, you can program the button on the remote by repeating above instruction and do it individually. You cannot program two buttons on the remote to control one same door or programming one button on the remote to control two doors because the each button of multi-button remote is designed for use with one door only. When you perform how to program remote for Genie garage door opener, avoid pushing the same button for twice otherwise the memory on the opener will be erased all.

To operate the remote you can stand about three or four feet away from the opener, get the remote point at the opener and push the button on the remote. The door will move to fully open position or full close position. Press the button again will cause the door is stop moving. Press again the remote button will cause the door to move to the opposite direction from previous motion.

how to program remote for genie garage door opener

During programming remote, make sure the door pathway is free from children, pets or any moving objects.

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