Program Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener Remote

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What is Intellicode? Perhaps that is the frequently asked question you have been repeatedly ever heard that related to Genie Intellicode garage door opener. Genie uses Intellicode system to replace the dip switch security system which is easily to be breached due to the limited available fixed codes. This new system by Genie features the sophisticated rolling code technology to improve the security of Genie garage door opener. The system is claimed to be not easily breached by unwanted people, since the Intellicode system will choose new codes every time the door opens or closes.  You can program Genie Intellicode garage door opener easily.

Genie opener remote counts as the important accessories that frequently open and close the Genie Intellicode garage door opener. Remote is easy to be programmed just like the other accessories programming project. How to program Genie intellicode garage door opener remote is written in the manual or you can follow below instructions.

The first step of programming Genie intellicode garage door opener remote is by pulling the battery’s protective film from the remote straight out.

The next step, press and hold the PROGRAM button or square button on the opener for about two seconds. The PROGRAM button is located on the opener head and between the up/down arrow key and indicator light LEDs. Do not release the button until you see the round small LED turns blue and the long purple LED is flashing.

How to program Genie intellicode garage door opener remote continues, press and release the remote button that you want to program. Press the button two times,  you will see both LEDs flashing and go off. It indicates the programming process success.

You need to press and release gently the remote button that you have programmed for one time to try to control the opener. If the programming is successfully done, the door should open or close.

program genie intellicode garage door opener

to program Genie intellicode remote you can refer to owner’s manual

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