Keychain Garage Door Opener Genie Giftd-1Bl One-Button Remote Control

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Genie produces garage door opener as well as parts and accessories. Genie accessories include Genie keypad, remote and wall button. From the three accessories, Genie remote control has most various selections. Genie produces remote control with one button, two-button, three-button and four-button. There is also remote control with big button and small button. The shape also varies from the tombstone shape to keychain garage door opener Genie. There is also remote equipped with flashlight too.

A compact size of Genie remote control that can be carried anywhere and fit in a pocket, that is keychain remote control from Genie. There are also huge selections of this keychain remote control such as one-button to four-button remote keychain garage door opener Genie.

Genie keychain remote with one-button example is the Genie Giftd-1BL one-button remote control transmitter with flashlight. This remote operates at both frequencies of 390 MHZ and 315 MHZ. You can use this keychain remote to operate Genie Intellicode garage door openers on all types of Series II electronics. With clear instruction on the manual included that comes with the remote, you can program it and use it right away to control the garage door.

To program remote keychain garage door opener Genie Giftd-1BL one-button you need to locate the learn code button and radio signal indicator located on the power head receiver on the door operator. Press and release the learn code button and watch the radio signal indicator. If it is blinking twice per second, proceed to get the remote and press the button on the remote one time within 30 seconds or before the indicator stop blinking. As you release the remote button, the radio signal indicator stays lit. You need to press and release the same remote button again within 30 seconds after you have released the previous remote button. The indicator will go off.

keychain garage door opener Genie

You can select many types of Genie remotes that fits with your need, such as this keychain with one button remote.

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