Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener: A Short Reference of DirectLift Screw Drive

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Screw Drive garage opener firstly produced and launched by the largest garage door opener brand, Genie, in 1958. As one of the most brands that have sold widely through years, Genie has been developing many powerful and reliable products. Most of mass product offered by Genie is the Do It Yourself product, but for professionals Genie also offers the pro-grade product. One of the most commonly found product of Genie’s DIY-ers is Genie Screw Drive garage door opener.

Most homes with garage door opener suffered from the noise the garage door opener make as they open or close, especially them who sleep right above the garage. Genie Screw Drive garage door opener offers less noise, garage door with low budget, a very good offering of price and performance.

A good example of Genie Screw Drive garage door opener is the Genie DirectLift Screw Drive. It is easy to operate and need not much maintenance with a screw-driven unit. You may consider this kind of lower ranked garage door opener that has few parts and no need chain or gears but rather quite in operating it. Most of the Genie’s products are HomeLink compatible, which is effective for this lower ranked garage door opener.

Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Low budget but less noise garage door

As most people aware garage door opener deal with force and the more force used the more dangerous it could be. This type of Screw Drive garage door has the minimum force yet it has still been able to open or close the door using its ForceGuard Control system, the basic safety features. Another extra surprise from Genie, a Safe-T-Stop added to complete the basic system features. One of the Genie’s great innovations as it can open the incomplete closing door while the cycle of closing within 30 seconds automatically. The door will stop the cycle of closing and start to open, although the system does not know why the door cannot close.

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