Genie Remote Garage Door Openers, The Genie GM3TBX

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Genie or formerly known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company is the pioneer in the garage door opener industry. The company has been running for over fifty years and lots of garage door opener has been manufactured. Genie Company not only manufactures garage door openers but also Genie garage door opener accessories and parts. Genie accessories include keypad, remote and wall button. Genie remote garage door openers made by Genie are varied.

Genie makes garage door opener along with a remote that is compatible to control the garage door opener. Genie also makes remote that is compatible with almost all Genie garage door openers. Genie GM3TBX is the example of Genie remote garage door openers that compatible with older openers with dip-switches and Intellicode1 or Intellicode 2.

This remote works at 315 MHZ and 390 MHZ frequencies. This is a Genie three-button remote, which can control up to three doors or gates. Genie remote garage door openers, the Genie GM3TBX has included clear instruction manual to help the customer program the remote with any opener that they have. Genie GM3TBX is available at Genie dealer or retailer. You can find Genie remote at online store too, and you can visit or to get the remote.

For those who have a very old Genie opener with 12 or 9 switches that made before 1995, you might need to put all switches  on the remote to be + or – position and do not put the switches at the center position. Count the settings on the power head as – switch setting. You need to choose a minimum of 4 switches otherwise the opener unit will not work, although not all opener units are having this issue. You need to set all the same switches on the remote to match with the setting of the switches on the power head. Any further information or question, call for Genie customer service.

Genie remote garage door openers

Genie produces one remote to control types of garage door openers, GM3TBX for example.

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