Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener Parts Replacement

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Genie is a trusted brand when it is related to garage door opener. Genie has manufactured garage door opener for more than fifty years ago. Genie also manufactures parts and accessories for garage door opener. You can find selections of parts from Genie at dealers or retailer stores or through online stores. To get Genie parts selection you need to know what model of your opener and when it is manufactured. For example, you need Genie Intellicode garage door opener parts, look at the model of your opener on the motor unit or opener head and when it is manufactured on the owner’s manual (Genie Intellicode model has made since 1995).

You can get compatible Genie Intellicode garage door opener parts using the two information and also the exact name and number of the parts you are going to replace and going to search. To make it easier you need to go online and enter any keywords that related to things you are going to search. For example, the lens cover of the Excelerator opener. You will get selections of lens covers that will compatible with Excelerator opener such as Genie 34116T.S Garage Door Opener Excelerator Lens Cover. It applies for the keypad too, search for Genie Intellicode keypad and you will get Genie GWKP-BL New Wireless Keypad with Intellicode for example.

The other example of Genie Intellicode garage door opener parts is Genie Garage Door Opener 19988A Capacitor. The capacitor will work with all Genie ½ horse power garage door openers. But there is exception for models GPS-1200 Stealth, PMX-1200 and Excelerator model Garage Door Openers, this capacitor will not compatible with given models. The capacitor as any other parts or accessories of Genie is easy to install. All you have to do is pulling all four wires from old capacitor, loosen the nut and take the old capacitor out. Replace the new capacitor and put the wires back on it.

Genie Intellicode garage door opener parts

Instead of replacing the entire opener, try to troubleshoot your opener and buy parts if necessary and it will save you a buck.

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