reset garage door opener Genie

Reset Garage Door Opener Genie Intellicode Keypad

A keypad is part of  Genie garage door opener accessories. You can control your garage door opener with a wall button, a remote and a keypad. For one opener you can control through two of the accessories or three of them. Keypad is mounted outside the garage door, so everyone that has the access code can open the door. A keypad benefits for a temporary visit of relatives and need the access of garage door. After the visit of relatives you can reset garage door opener Genie Intellicode keypad and your access code will stay secret.

To reset garage door opener Genie keypad is easy-peasy. You need to open your garage door through the wall button. After that you need to get your Genie keypad and half open the cover keypad. Press the 8 button and PROG button simultaneously and open the rest of the cover keypad. You will see the red light indicator will blink one time. Close the keypad cover afterwards.

The next step of resetting Genie keypad is open the cover keypad in a full open position. The red light is blinking one time. You need to press the 3-5-7 button in order and then press PROG button. The red light indicator will blink one per second. Enter the new PIN, you want to set (from 3 up to 8 digits) and push PROG afterwards. In this point, the red light indicator will blink rapidly. Close the keypad cover.

Next, you need to store the new PIN to the opener. Press the learn button, or PROGRAM button on the opener. The indicator light on the opener will flash. Before the light is off or within 30 seconds get back to your keypad, and open the keypad cover in a completely open position. Enter the new PIN and press the SEND button. Press again the SEND button for about three to four times or until the door moves. How to reset garage door opener Genie Intellicode keypad is finished.

reset garage door opener Genie
After a temporary visit from relatives, you can reset the keypad so the secret PIN stays secret

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