Garage Door Opener Remote Replacement Genie Intellicode Compatible

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A garage door opener is a helpful device that most used in this era. The garage door opener is a device that belongs to the most advantageous technology ever found in human’s life. With a single click of a remote button, you can close or open the garage door behind the wheels. A garage door opener and a remote are a package of helpful devices. When a remote does not work properly, it is rather inconvenient when operating a garage door opener. A malfunction remote or old remote needs a garage door opener remote replacement Genie made. However, it is wiser to perform a repair or troubleshoot project before replace the remote.

To find a replacement for your garage door opener remote is easier these days. The internet makes everything closer and easier, you can visit Genie dealer or retailer store online such as, or The other online stores that provide garage door opener remote replacement Genie best made are and

The latest technology that equipped with Genie garage door opener devices is Intellicode technology. An advanced security technology that changes code every time the garage door opener is engaged. There is list of garage door opener remote replacement Genie Intellicode compatible you might want to consider:

  1. Genie Intellicode Gitr-3 Remote. This remote replacement is using Intellicode security technology. It is a three-button remote that replace Genie remote Git-1, Git-2 & Git-3.
  2. Genie G1T-BX Model# 38501R One Button Intellicode remote. A one-button remote replacement works with Genie Intellicode or Overhead Door CodeDodger garage door openers. This remote is equipped with auto seek dual frequency for 390mhz and 315mhz doors.
  3. GIFTD-1BL One Button Mini Remote Control. This is the other one-button remote replacement and works with Genie Intellicode garage door openers that made after 1997. This mini remote is also equipped with a fancy flashlight.
garage door opener remote replacement Genie

A garage door opener comes with a remote to control the opener remotely.

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