Genie Pro Garage Door Opener: Get Close with Genie Pro Stealth Garage Door Opener

June 4, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

Genie a garage door opener brand that most widely used by Americans is simple, powerful and reliable quality. The first manufacture that combines the costumer’s needs and advanced technology devices, has never stopped to make innovation for their garage door opener products. The company has focused on do-it-yourself market and it has been such a good decision so far. One of its DIY products is the genie pro garage door opener.

As most Genie’s products are powerful, there is no doubt that genie pro garage door opener equipped with horsepower of 120 kg lifting force. Genie Pro Stealth Garage Door Opener is one of the finest products of this type. It has a belt drive system, which is the quietest garage door opener with rubber belts. This very garage door opener fits most garages with room above, since very little noise it makes as open or close and there will be no more bad night’s sleep happens.

genie pro garage door opener

This type of garage door opener fits to garage with room above it

Genie pro garage door opener as the other Genie’s product equipped with safety and security system features such as Safe-T-beam and Intellicode system. The Safe-T -Beam will automatically stop the cycle of closing or opening if something interrupts the process and reverse it. Meanwhile, the Intellicode system, the rolling code technology, will choose approximately 4.3 billion codes every time the garage opener is engaged. The other safety features including Contact Reversing system and Force Guard closing and opening force adjustment.

Most of the Genie’s products are compatible with HomeLink and this Genie Pro has it too. As well as chain drive openers, this belt driven opener also durable and has a motor warranty for a limited lifetime and parts warranty for 5 years. As an extra, this Genie Pro offers additional remote controls, wireless entry keypad, and a garage door up to 12’ rail extension kits.

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