Genie Intelligent Garage Door Opener Wall Console

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Genie is one of the largest brand of garage door opener manufacturer. The company is formerly known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company. The Genie company was firstly introduced in 1954 along with the first launching of the first garage door opener made by the company. Two years after, the first Screw Drive opener was launched and it was a big hit on the market. The company has a long history of manufacturing garage door openers as well as parts and accessories. Genie accessories include Genie keypad, remote and wall button.

The newest product of Genie wall button is Genie Intelligent garage door opener wall console. Genie intelligent wall console with part number of GICW-BX. This wall button of Genie can control up to three garage doors. The three of garage doors that can be controlled by this intelligent wall console are those with network adapters.

Genie Intelligent garage door opener wall console GICW-BX is function to monitor the performance of the garage door opener. This newest wall console by Genie is also provide the updated status of the performance of your garage door opener. It is a revolutionized wall console for the professional dealer since it can be programmed to include service reminders and contact information.

What makes this Genie Intelligent garage door opener wall console different to any wall console made by Genie is, it has backlit LED touch screen so it will easier for users to retrieve information and to program. You can also program remote through this Intelligent wall console.

When you are away from home for a vacation for example, the Sure Lock security system will control the other access device, such as remote control and keypad. The remote control and keypad will be disabled so there will be no unauthorized people can breach the system even they have the remote. One more revolutionized product with a sophisticated technology offered by Genie that available at Genie dealer or retailer.

Genie intelligent garage door opener

Genie Intelligent wall console is categorized as a new access device by Genie.

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