Getting Close With Genie Pro Max Garage Door Opener

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Nothing more excited than having one of Genie garage door opener at our house. For many years, Genie has successfully sold various types of garage door opener. Though the company focuses on the do-it-yourself market, which contributes the largest sales, they still provide another great pro-grade product installed by professionals. Genie pro max garage door opener is one of a good example pro-grade product.

This model installed by professional has a premium chain drive and equipped with ½ horsepower motor. Apparently, genie pro max garage door opener has solid steel T-rail as a purpose to make the garage door has a longer life. No more problem with lubrication, as this model applies an enclosed gear housing with a permanent lubrication for its longevity and reliability.

Do you have more than one garage door? With its horsepower and state of reliability, this type of garage door opener fit and is deliberately designed for double garage doors. As other models of the Genie’s garage door opener, this genie garage door opener used standard safety and security features system.

genie pro max garage door opener

As another models, Genie Pro Max equipped with standard security system: Genie’s Intellicode security system

Its safety features including the Safe T-Beam self diagnostic system, a system that will stop the opening or closing cycle while in motion when something interrupts the system and automatically reverse the process of closing or opening. Another safety features are including the auto reversing technology, infrared safety beam, force guard closing and opening force adjustment, manual emergency door release, and Safe T-stop Time Reverse System.

Meanwhile the security system, as most of Genie’s garage door opener uses the pro max also use Genie’s Intellicode security with rolling code technology and rolling code remote that enable the system to choose different codes every time the garage door is closed or opened. Such incredible device has a lifetime limited warranty and 5 years warranty for its parts. Consider genie pro max garage door opener for now and you will get the optional offers such as wireless entry keypad additional remote control and exterior emergency release kit.

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