Basic Tips How To Fix Genie Garage Door Opener

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There is nothing inconvenience rather than having your garage door opener in troubled. A garage door opener should be your advantageous device to help you doing your daily tasks. Genie, as the famous brand of garage door opener, makes sure that their parts are replaceable and easy to fix. That is why learning how to fix Genie garage door opener is necessary and it will save you a fortune rather than having a professional assistance. However, when your garage door has serious problem, a blown motherboard or broken springs for example, you should call a Genie representative to fix it professionally.

Before ask for Genie professional assistance, you can save a buck by trying to fix your garage door opener

Before ask for Genie professional assistance, you can save a buck by trying to fix your garage door opener.

There are basic tips that you can manage to do when performing the project of how to fix Genie garage door opener. Here are some of the tips:

  1. Adjust the garage door sensors. When you have garage door opener sensors problem, it is initiated with a garage door is halfway closing and then reversing the motion to open position. It might be a result of sensors misalignment or there is an obstruction. You can re-align the sensors or wipe out the dirt covered the lens with soft small rug.
  2. Change your remote batteries. It is obvious that you use the garage door opener remote everyday and why not perform a replacement on the batteries when you find a garage door opener does not operate well. Sometime, although not always, a user forgets when the last time to change the battery.
  3. Reprogram your remote. If your garage door operates through wall button and you have already replaced your remote battery but you cannot operate the door through remote control, it is likely you lose the frequency of the opener. All you can do is reprogram your remote control to the opener.
  4. Make sure your wall button is in “ON” position. The wall button can be accidentally flipped and locks the door in to open or close position

All above tips of how to fix Genie garage door opener are the most frequent problems happen to garage door opener and you can refer to Genie owner’s manual or customer service for further information or questions.

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