Genie Garage Door Openers Remote Control You Might Wish To Have

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Genie is a trusted brand in manufacturing garage door opener. The products are in wide range and variety. Genie has more than a half century run the business of garage door openers, parts and accessories production. Genie accessories such as keypad, wall button and remote control are known for the quality too. Find selections of Genie garage door openers remote control from Genie dealer, retailer or any other hardware store that sells Genie products.

You might find the remote control that suit to you through online stores too, here are some of the Genie garage door openers remote control lists you might wish to have.

  1. Genie GM3T-BX Garage Door Opener, Intellicode Dual Frequency 315/390 MHz Remote – 3-Button Transmitter. This is a three-button Genie remote control that compatible to be used with Genie garage door openers 912 up to Intellicode models and products. This remote is also compatible to work with all gated community receivers from Genie. The Genie GM3T-BX remote operates on dual frequency, the 315 MHZ and 390 MHZ to reduce any nearby interference. You can use this remote to replace Genie G2T-1.
  2. Genie GITR-3 Pro Intellicode ChainLift Garage Door Remote Control – 3-Button Transmitter. This is another Genie garage door openers remote control that works with Genie Intellicode products only, that manufactured from 1998 up to present. A three button remote that can operate up to three garage doors and uses code rotating technology.
  3. Genie G3T-BX Garage Door Opener Remote, Dual Frequency 315/390 MHz – 3-Button Transmitter. A three button remote control operates on 315 MHZ and 390 MHZ frequency. The three-button remote control can operate up to three doors of Genie Intellicode garage door openers and products only. You will love the simple design of this G3T-BX that you can use as a keychain too. Find the best price at a nearest Genie dealer or retailer.

    Genie garage door openers remote control

    The G3T-BX Garage Door Opener Remote is compatible to work with Genie Intellicode openers and products.

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