Genie Garage Door Opener Sale Price

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Genie is a famous brand of garage door opener. The Company has started the business in manufacturing the garage door opener since 1954. The first garage door opener that Genie made, the Screw Drive opener successfully stole market’s attention and since then the company has continued to increase the production. Up to now, there are huge selections of garage door openers that customer can choose. Genie, to promote the products is cooperating with dealers and retailers. The Genie garage door opener sale prices also depend on the dealer and retailer.

For example QuietLift 800 1/2 HP DC Motor Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. You will find this model of Genie garage door opener sale price for $174.00 only at Home Depot. For the same product, you will get the opener price $193.52 at It is a quiet significant different sale price for the same product. Lowe’s has certain rule for selling prices, it depends on which place you are live and Lowe’s will get you special price based on the availability too.

The other example of Genie garage door openers product is the ChainLift 600 1/2 HP DC Motor Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. This powerful and quiet garage door opener can lift a garage door up to 350 lbs. You can have this pampering product with a range of price with only $139.00 from Home Depot. The same product is sold for $142.58 at Get special Genie garage door opener sale price from Lowe’s by visiting their official website at

If you wish to have an opener that specially designed to be quiet, you can rely on Genie 2042-TK QuietLift 800 Garage Door Opener.  To install this Genie QuietLift also trouble free. It can lift single or double doors with no problem. You can get this opener for $193.52 at complete with 2 3-button remote, a wall console, wireless keypad and Safe-T-Beams safety feature.

Genie garage door opener sale

Get the best price of Genie garage door opener from the authorized dealer.

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