Genie 1022 Garage Door Opener Short Review

August 6, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Review.

Genie is a trusted brand of garage door opener. Genie is formerly known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company that run the business of industrial devices, manufacturing in 1954 the company launched the first garage door opener and got the market’s attention. Since then, the Company has been popular as the Genie Company that runs as the pioneer of garage door opener manufacturing company. Up to now, there are lots of garage door opener models and types that produced by the Company. Screw Drive opener is the first opener made by the Company, Chain Lift and Belt Lift are another top notch of the Genie product. One of the products of Chain Lift opener is Genie 1022 Garage door opener ½ horsepower AC ChainLift.

The Chain Lift opener is an opener of Genie that famous for its low budget opener. The opener is easy to install by one person since the parts are lightweight and easy to put together. The Company is well-concern about the convenience of users to install the opener, that is why the hardware is labeled and packaged in boxes and packs so there will be less confusion when installing each part of the hardware.

People love ChainLift Genie 1022 garage door opener since it is also has soft start and stop when the opener is operated. The smooth operation is meant to prevent the motor unit to be less wear and tear on the garage door. You may find this quiet operation garage door opener fit well with a garage with room above it, you will not even feel any vibration when the opener is moving.

It is reported that ChainLIft Genie 1022 garage door opener is easy to set up, program, adjust. You just need to get familiar what button that should be hold, release, and press so in a couple of minutes you can adjust the travel limit or link the remote to the opener.

Genie 1022 garage door opener

The Chain Lift opener is an opener of Genie that famous for its low budget opener.

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