Garage Door Opener Genie Parts Replacement

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When a Genie garage door opener is in action, it is time for garage door opener Genie parts replacement. Genie should remember that they would always find a replacement for their broken or malfunctioned opener parts out there. When you are performing repairing project you should know at least the basic level of parts of your opener.

The basic level of Genie parts that mostly need a replacement is the remote transmitter and receiver. Mostly, both of item of garage door opener Genie parts need a battery replacement. Replacing Genie remote transmitter is simple. You can find the replacement battery at Genie dealer or retailer, as long you know the name and the number of your remote battery. The example of Genie replacement battery is a CR2032 battery replacement.

Battery is part of garage door opener that needs a periodical replacement due to frequent usage.

Battery is part of garage door opener that needs a periodical replacement due to frequent usage.

Another Genie garage door opener part that you may need to have when performing a repairing project is Sequencer Board. The sequencer board belongs to main element that will make sure the door runs well or not, you need to be careful when finding the right component. You can find the right replacement through specification of the sequencer board name, number, and when the opener is manufactured.  For example, Sequencer Board model 34019R. This sequencer board is a DC Screw Drive controller board that you can use to replace parts of any models Genie Excelerator garage door openers.

Another garage door opener Genie parts that you may need to be replaced is safety sensor. The safety sensor will do the its task to project the beam through optical sensor so the system will know is it okay for the garage door to go down or not. Although it has rarely happened, when your safety sensor is malfunctioning, it may due to a broken wire. Find the replacement wire or pigtail connectors by specifically get the detail name, number of parts such as Genie 20302R Replacement Plug and Wire for Safety Sensors – Part # 20302R.

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