Genie Remote Garage Door Opener Programming

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As the largest company that dealing with garage door opener, Genie manufactures not only the widely known great garage door openers but also its accessories such as wall console, keypad, passcode-protected device and remote controls. The manufacturer has designed Genie’s devices and Genie’s systems are compatible one another. For example, several types of Genie’s remote controls compatible with Genie’s security system the Genie’s Intellicode system. Hence, to do genie remote garage door opener programming is no longer a problem, however, for particular types of remote devices needs a specific procedure to run.

There are various reasons why you need to program your genie remote control, some say because they are losing the first remote or adding one and some others say because they want to change the ownership of the house, in this case you need to program Genie Intellicode model H6000A garage door remote.

genie remote garage door opener

Most of genie’s remotes are compatible with Intellicode system

Just like other Genie’s device programming, to do genie remote garage door opener programming at first you need to find two screws holding the light bulb cover on your garage door opener motor unit. Get the retaining screws and lower the cover. The next step you have to find the Learn button, usually it is located near the light bulb socket at the backside of the motor housing or find it on the front unit and you will see it is located behind the plastic lens.

Once you find it, press and release the Learn button and right after it, then you will see the LED light located beneath the learn button blinking twice per-second with its red light. Next, get your remote and then press and release the button of your remote you will see the light of LED flashing, after 30 seconds the red light of LED will stop blinking and stay lit. To complete the program just press your remote control once again. Do not forget to return the light bulb cover to the previous place and retain it with the two screws and your genie remote garage door opener programming is now finished.

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