Stanley Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

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Stanley is the Company that founded by three people, they are Frederick Stanley, Duncan Black, and Alonzo Decker in 2010. Frederick Stanley started a company that manufacture bolts, hinges, and other hardware from wrought iron. While the Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker got the world’s first patent for a portable tool in 1916. In 2010 they combined the two companies to deliver tools and solutions of industrial companies, professionals, and consumers under the name Stanley Black & Decker. For garage door opener, the most notable brand is Stanley garage door opener.

Unfortunately, you will not find any Stanley garage door opener products at market since Stanley Black and Decker Corporation stop the production of garage doors/garage door openers or garage door parts. The company also stops to provide advice related to the products or repairing project or service. The other company, Innovative Home Products, which took over the license to use Stanley trademark went out of business in 2001.

If you have Stanley garage door opener made before 1997, you still can try to troubleshoot your opener by following steps below:

  • Troubleshoot a non-working opener by firstly making sure the opener is connected into a live 120-volt outlet. Wait for 10 minutes if the motor is activated, the motor needs to be cool down. Make sure the beam sensor is attached and not misaligned. Make sure the wall console is not in locked position.
  • A non-working Stanley opener is also caused by remote control. Try to do a simple troubleshooting step by changing the old battery with new one. Remote control does not work is also due to improper direction of antenna wire of the opener. You can move the antenna wire to another direction or coil the antenna wire. The last one is, try to reprogram the remote control.
Stanley garage door opener is no longer produced, If your Stanley garage door opener is in action try to troubleshoot it

Stanley garage door opener is no longer produced, If your Stanley garage door opener is in action try to troubleshoot it.

  • Wall button also contributes the malfunction of the opener. Check the wire, is there any shorted wire or broken wire of the wall button. Disconnect the wire from the opener rear side and try to short across screw terminals. If the opener works, your wall button wires are your issues that make the opener do not work.

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