Genie Garage Door Opener Program For Non-Intellicode Model

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As the largest brand in garage door openers, Genie has produced a range of garage door openers and its accessories product. From the first radio-controlled residential garage door opener to recent pro max garage door opener, all product is produced with advanced technology at that time. Genie’s devices are also famous for its reliability and strength. No wonder if there still some of the old genie’s devices are used out there. If you have one, how you do the genie garage door opener program for old genie or non-intellicode model one?

Though it is not one click away like the smart intellicode system, genie garage door opener program is still possible for the old model. All you need is Genie GT912 remote control and you may get one from the Genie authorized dealer. This remote control will match with door opener dip switches that the old model has and thus you can program it.

genie garage door opener program

Old model uses door opener dip switches that has to be matched with the remote control in order to work properly

Here are the instructions of genie garage door opener program for old model genie:

  1. Get the well-matched GT912 remote control with the same frequency number as 3 digits frequency number from Genie garage door of yours. Usually the frequency numbers are stamped on the backside of the motor unit.
  2. Put the dip switches on the backside of the motor head and you will see the line of dip switches in the range 9 up to 12 located on the upper right corner. Open the battery cover of GT912 remote control cover and on the right side of the remote control dip switches put the mode switch. Slide it to 9 or 12 of mode switch, each depending how many dip switches that an old Genie opener applies.
  3. Use your finger to slide every switch on the remote control to the right position of the switch is on. When is done, put the cover of battery back on its place. To finish it, find the white button on the remote control and then press it, right after that you will see your garage door opener operate. If nothing happens, just check again on the dip switches maybe there is/are switches not correctly set.

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