Garage Door Opener Genie 1022 Model

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Since its first time produced garage door opener manufactured by Genie, one of the largest garage door opener company, always make devices that are useful, powerful and reliable. More innovation has made and makes Genie as a known product with a good quality. No wonder more and more Genie’s product with its various models used by American’s family and garage door opener genie 1022 model is one of their favorite.

Why garage door opener genie 1022 model become a must-have item for your garage? One of the reasons is because this model needs very little maintenance. If you have a very mobile activity and you have more than one car at your house, mostly you need your garage door opener work more to open and close and that has become a cause a garage door get easily worn. This model has special installed chain that needs seldom lubrication. As an addition, as we know genie devices known for its powerful device, this model also strong and powerful with ½ horsepower motor and high quality parts used. This model fits well with a house with a room above its garage since it runs very smooth and quiet.

Garage Door Opener Genie 1022 Model

Genie 1022 model fits well with a room above garage as it runs smooth and quietly

As other genie models, garage door opener genie 1022 model is easy to be installed and programmed. Just a click away of button your garage door opener will instantly open or close just like a genie get your dreams come true. A clear instruction on the manual also helpful when you need to install it and need approximately 2 hours just to get it done.

Genie 1022 models use the special Genie Intellicode system as its security system. The system that will choose approximately 4.3 billion different codes every time garage door opener open or close. The garage door opener motor has 5 years warranty while the parts have 2 years warranty.

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