Instant Way to Reset Genie Garage Door Opener

June 6, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

As widely sold garage door opener brand, Genie, is a must-have device at home. With more and more innovation of garage door opener supported with low budget, no wonder garage door openers are widely found in homes nowadays. Garage door opener mostly integrated with a remote controller, in which a click away from reasonable range the door will open or close automatically. As it is easily to be programmed and installed, Genie garage door opener needs very little help from professional, but what about when it is something wrong with the opener? How to reset genie garage door opener if something wrong happened?

Still, all you need to do to reset genie garage door opener is following these simple instructions below. It is worth to trying for rather than calling for a pricey repairman first.

First, you must prepare a remote opener, a ceiling mounted motor unit and a ladder. Next, get the ladder to reach the ceiling mounted motor unit and press the “learn” code button. Usually it is located at the rear of ceiling motor unit.

reset genie garage door opener

To reset genie garage door opener you need to prepare the remote control, motor unit and a ladder

Put the remote opener pointed at motor unit and then press the open button of remote opener three times. Check whether the door opener work properly or not by pressing the button on the remote controller. If the light on the opener is blinking, the reset is successful and the door will open in an instant. Yet, on the other way if the light is off you need to try once again the process.

To reset genie garage door opener is that simple, yet if you have repeat the process and you find that your garage door opener still does not work properly, you need to call genie garage door opener professional. The representative will assist you to get through your genie garage door opener problem.

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