Genie Garage Door Opener Battery Back Up

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It is a serious problem when you stuck during the blackout and you cannot open or close your Genie garage door opener. Your Genie garage door opener should help you to open or close while you still behind the wheel or in a specific range without do it by yourself. What is the solution for this situation? Do not call Genie as the largest of garage door opener manufacturing if it does not have the solution. Genie makes not only good garage door opener but also manufactures beyond your needs, they even think into details like a power outage and get you Genie garage door opener battery back-up as a return.

With its motto when the power goes out, Genie power goes on! Genie garage door opener battery back-up is a real solution during the blackout to operate garage door opener properly. Let’s take a look for the details features and specifications below.

genie garage door opener battery

It is a relieve to know that security and safety system also backed-up by the battery


A single Genie garage door opener battery back-up unit can revive up to 50 cycles of opening and closing in approximately 24-hours period directly after the light is off.  The battery has three color coded LEDs light located on the front of the unit to show the charge status. They are green to show the ready state, yellow to show internal charge is low and red light is showing that the battery needs to be charged immediately.

You may relieve to know that the safety and security system is secured and continue to operate when the lights off as the back-up battery goes on. The battery is powered by Interstate Battery and has 1 year warranty from the date of the installation.


The battery weighs 7.8 lbs with 9.5″ L x 5.27″ H x 5″ W dimensions and 8 AMP SLA battery. There will be 3’ connector cables located between the battery back-up unit and the opener that charge the back-up battery and from this 3 connector cables the battery get the power.

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