Genie Intellicode Manual Instruction For Remote Programming

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A garage door opener is a useful and the most advantageous device to help human doing daily task. More and more openers with sophisticated technology are innovated. The existence is ubiquitous as many garage door manufacturers compete to provide high technology garage door openers. One of the manufacturers is Genie. Genie provides the system that prevents unauthorized people easily breach the garage door as the garage door functions as the frontier of the house and needs an extra security system. The system is called Genie Intellicode, a rolling code technology system that will change different code every time the remote control of the opener is engaged to open or close the garage door. Programming the system is easy as you can follow the Genie Intellicode manual provided by the company.

Press the remote transmitter button that you wish to program with the opener

Press the remote transmitter button that you wish to program with the opener

You need an access to your opener and a remote transmitter to do the programming instruction as written in the Genie Intellicode manual. The first thing to do, you need to locate the Learn code button and the Radio Signal Indicator. They are located on the power head receiver of the opener. The next thing to do is press and release the learn code button, the radio signal indicator will blink for twice per second.  Before the radio signal indicator stop blinking or within 30 seconds, press the remote transmitter button that you want to program to the opener. You will see the radio signal indicator will stay lit. It is an indication that the receiver has already received the signal sent from the transmitter and stored the signal.

Continue the instruction in the Genie Intellicode manual by pressing again the remote transmitter button. This is to confirm the programming remote to the opener is completed. The garage door will immediately operate as you press the button you have programmed if the programming is completed properly. For any additional remote programming, you can follow the step above.

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