How To Reprogram Genie Garage Door Opener in A click Away

June 6, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Installation Tips.

People should be grateful to live in this era of technology where so many smart stuff has been innovated. Genie, known as the biggest company in manufacturing garage door openers, has been a famous brand that has innovated, powerful and reliable garage door openers product and its accessories. As another smart device does, there is time to rejuvenate the machine and to maintain the performance garage door opener by reprogramming it. How to reprogram genie garage door opener?

The garage door opener manufacturer made Genie devices are easy to be programmed and installed. How to reprogram genie garage door opener is also a piece of cake, try to follow these instructions below and get your garage door opener reprogrammed.

how to reprogram genie garage door opener

Reprogram your genie garage door opener so it will work as it supposed to be


Get your keypad and open the keypad cover half way. Press and hold the number “8” and PROG buttons together as you open the rest of the keypad cover up. The indicator light will blink once as the process is successfully  done. Now, you can put the keypad cover close back  and start to reprogram the garage door.

Open again the keypad cover, a complete opening one. After that, in sequence please press the numbers 3, 5, and 7 and end it by pressing PROG button. You will see the indicator light will blink twice and you may close the keypad cover.

Press the “Learn Code” button. The LED will flash and you may open the keypad cover again. The next step is entering your secret PIN numbers and press the “Send” button about 4  times and your garage door will be open as it should be. If nothing happens, you may need to repeat from the beginning and make sure no objects or children interrupts the process for safety reason.

If you have more than one garage door try to follow how to reprogram genie garage door opener and try to add another code. First of all, fully open keypad cover and then enter the PIN. Press the PROG button about three times now, press the desired key in the doors’ number and press PROG. The process is finished as you close the keypad cover.

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