Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Programming: For Old and New Model

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Most of Genie’s devices equipped with smart system, the system will allow the user to program easily. Both garage doors and accessories can be easily programmed depend on what models and when it is manufactured. Genie’s old model accessories, especially remote controller has a special way to be programmed, you need to match the line of white switches. Anyhow, genie garage door opener remote programming is still possible to be done without any help from the professionals.

Check your Genie garage door opener remote programming system type that located on the back of the garage door opener head. You will need at least ladder, paper and screwdriver to start programming.

In the new model opener you have to find the “learn” button of your opener. Put the ladder to reach the opener, power head and try to find the “learn” button, it usually lies on the backside of the power head. Push the “learn button” then you will see the LED light located below the learn button flashing. Press and hold the push button on the remote control until the light on it goes on and then off. You may release the push button and press it again until the garage opener operate as usual.

For the older model of Genie garage door opener remote programming that uses dip switches, place the ladder under your opener power head and find the dip-switches. It is usually located on the rear of power head. Depend on the models and find nine to twelve switches in a row that has been set in different settings. You will need to write down on a piece of paper the settings of each dip switch. Remove the battery remote cover and place dip switches line above the battery and set each of dip switch based on the settings you have written before. You can use a flat head screwdriver to help you setting the dip switches on the rear of the power head.

Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Programming

Genie’s old model used 8-12 dip switches

Your garage door should open as it’s supposed to be as you push the button on your remote control. If nothing happened, you should check the setting of your dip switches and make adjustments needed. Place the cover of the remote once the dip switches all set correctly.

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