Genie Excelerator Garage Door Opener Series: The Excelerator vs PowerLift Excelerator

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The largest garage door opener company, Genie, has been manufacturing garage door opener since 1954. Since that time up to now, there are various kinds of models of Genie garage door openers and its accessories. Garage door opener is an incredible invention for human’s convenience and Genie with its experience designed more and more sophisticated devices for its customer convenience. One of its great models offered by Genie is Genie Excelerator garage door opener series, the Excelerator and the PowerLIft Excelerator.

Both of  Genie excelerator garage door opener series have their own extraordinary plus point, below is a brief note for your consideration.

Genie Excelerator

This is a pro-grade product, it means the dealer has the right to install and sell their installed garage door opener. Usually, this type of garage door opener has to be purchased from selected professional garage door companies with licensed. If you have a low clearance, this product will fits you. The Excelerator unit is also easy to be attached directly to your ceiling. It has ½ horsepower of the motor and definitely can easily handle the garage door in daily basis. Since this is a professionally installed product you may not get any discount sale.

PowerLift Excelerator

Unlike the Genie Excelerator, PowerLift Excelerator is sold only at Home Depot, you may find a complete list of home depot that sell the product on the Genie’s official website. For unit mounting, you will need to attach the unit to a track before mounting it to the ceiling. A 1000 Newton DC is the motor strength of PowerLift Excelerator has that can lift heavy-duty doors and also multi-sectioned garage doors. If you have more than one door, you may consider this type of garage door opener. A range of price for this type of openers starts from $205. For more details of Genie Excelerator Garage Door Opener Series you can visit the nearest licensed Genie Dealer and Home Depot in your country.

Genie Excelerator Garage Door Opener Series

Genie Excelerator series offers two models: PowerLift Exelerator and Genie Excelerator

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