Step by Step Adjusting Genie Blue Max Garage Door Opener

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Genie is the famous company with incredible experience in manufacturing garage door opener for years. No doubt, that the company has various kinds of garage door opener models and its accessories. Genie offers a big range of garage door opener and Genie blue max is one of it. Blue max garage door, just like another garage door opener, can do the opening and closing the door even though without too much force. With its safety feature the door will not close the door if there is an object in the pathway, but unfortunately, if the pathway is clear it will close harshly and give the bang ending.

Adjusting Genie blue max garage door opener is needed at that very situation. Instead of replacing it with another garage door opener, try to adjust your garage door first will be sufficient. All you need to adjust the opener is a ladder.

genie blue max garage door opener

Prevent the slam ending by adjusting your genie blue max garage door opener

The first step of how to adjust your Genie Blue Max garage door opener put the ladder behind the garage door opener. Find the “Program” button on the opener and press it. The button usually has the square shape and you will see the plus shape on the right side of the button. Once you press the program button, a blue light will flash and you may begin adjusting the limit through a menu by pressing the minus or plus button on it.

Control the speed by pressing the program button followed by pressing plus button twice. The round blue light will illuminate and long blue light flashing. Adjust the speed of your Genie blue max garage door opener by pressing button that has minus or plus key.

The next step is adjusting force. You can do it by once again pressing the program button and followed by pressing the plus button three times. Unlike previous step, this time you will see round red light flashing. Once you see the light press the plus or minus key just as you needed.

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