How can We Open the Garage using Genie Garage Door App?

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The advanced technology surely helps people make everything in their life easier. Even for opening garage door, you can use your phone to operate the garage door like using its own remote control. Genie is already famous in producing garage opener development. Nowadays, the company makes innovation for the device and its accessories by combining the technology of smartphone. So if you using Genie product and want to access the garage through your phone,  there is some Genie garage door app that enables your phone to work as garage opener rather than using the remote control.

One of the garage door opener applications is “Tap It Open”. The application claims that able to control the garage door by phone. The application use the Bluetooth security and phone’s password in order to open the garage. The other family also can access the garage door using their phone as long as they have the security password. The application requires particular device to connect with the garage opener, so you need to purchase the device separately. There is “GarageMate” app as well, the application also use the benefit of Bluetooth security and phone’s password protection for its system.

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Those applications are suitable for Android. If you are using other system operation, there are others Genie garage door apps out there that you can use as you wish. There are iSmart Gate, NiOGarage, SecuRemote, miDoor and many others applications that suitable for your garage system and the phone. Those applications are flexible for several smartphone OS. But still they require other device or receiver to work properly with the garage door. Do not worry if you find other people using this application. They cannot access the garage without permission. And even if your phone get stolen or lost, they cannot use the app because it needs your phone’s password for access code in order to open the gate.

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