How to Program Genie Blue Max Owner Manual?

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As we know, that Genie has been working since 1923 in garage opener manufacturer. There are numerous types of units produced by this large company. One of the products that are quite rare and even no longer produced is Genie Blue Max. Like other product from Genie, this unit also can be operated with an electronic control or console that attached on the wall or by using remote control units. However, because of the units is no longer update, It makes the manual instruction for Genie Blue Max is quite difficult to find. Even so, there is Genie Blue Max costumer that needs to know how to program the unit.

Below is Genie Blue Max owner manual instruction for helping you program door opener:

  1. Find the learn code button and radio signal indicator first that located on the door operator power head.
  2. Find the antenna wire from motor head, and uncover the lens cover. In it you can see the keypad, open completely the wireless keypad cover and set it aside.
  3. Press the Learn code button and you will see the LED indicator above the learn button starts flashing.
  4. You can enter the secret PIN 1. In here, the keypad indicator should stay lit.
  5. Press the SEND button. After you press it, the indicator light will stay lit. Then press the button again, the LED indicator should be off.
  6. You can test the system by pressing SEND button. If you press the SEND button once the motor will move and if you press the SEND button once again, the motor will stop moving.
  7. As suggestion, do not hold the remote to close to the power head antenna, it will prevent you to successfully program the door opener. You can hold it two feet away from the antenna during programming process.

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