How to Reprogramming the Genie Screw Drive

October 7, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Garage is the part of important to take care of car. Most of people want to do everything with simple way. Now, many people have use garage which have new technology. They should not open the door of garage but now used remote to open the door garage. In the garage have many types of equipment to complete how to the proceeding garage can use. Genie is one of the reputable garage door manufactures that dominate the market of garage door opener. Genie is used to put the garage open door. Actually, in this article will not discuss about the garage but it focus in how to reprogram the Genie Screw Drive.

Every company have differences manner to reprogram it. And now you can reprogram it without you must be called the operator to come in your house. There are some steps to reprogram it. The first step is you must be reset in the factory setting. The second step you can open the pad cover half way and push the PROG button all together. The third step is one of the hand push the two buttons, and the other hands hold the pad cover to open the rest of the pad cover into completely open position. Then the indicator light of the pad will be blinking and go off afterwards, please close the cover pad immediately. After that, you see the indicator light is off within 30 seconds preceding the process by pressing the 3-5-7 buttons and PROG buttons in sequence. Please you can access the programming mode; the light indicator is blinking once per second. And finally, you can use it without you call the operator to reprogramming.

It’s no difficult to you. You can reprogram it in order your garage more easily going to use. Ensure reprogram it correctly. You can choose it to make your garage simpler.

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