How to change Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Battery

October 8, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Door Opener Parts.

Remote is one of the instruments which help preceding a human. For example: television remote control, air conditioner remote control, and also many cars that have remote to open the key of the door. The preceding of remote is never escape of battery. They have interaction, because the remote will cannot used without any battery. Every remote have differences of battery. To changing of the batteries have also differences way. And now, in this article will focus on how to changing Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Battery. The process for changing the batteries in those remotes is one of two straightforward methods.

Some genie in remotes makes the process a bit easier. There are two models battery. They are coin-cell battery and alkaline models. There are some steps for change each models. In the coin-cell battery models, at the first you can open the remote’s case by inserting a coin into the slot on top of the device and using it to open the battery in the part of cover. Then, please remove the old battery and insert a fresh one, referring to the symbols in the compartment for proper polarity placement. Usually, the positive side of the battery marked with a plus sign faces up. And in the alkaline models, it is also have the steps which different with coin-cell battery models. The alkaline models have simpler than the coin-cell battery models. Take off the battery cover, then please remove the old batteries, and finally put on the new ones with the positive and negative polarity symbols.

Battery is very regard with proceeding of remotes. You will fuss if you don’t have the remote to open the garage, you should go down car to open the garage. So, ensure your remote ever be been substituted routinely. And please change it suit the steps correctly.

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