How to Install Intellicode Wiring for Genie Pro Model 1024?

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Genie Pro Model 1024 is one of the Genie products which include Intellicode remote control in their system. Intellicode is electronic rolling code system from Genie that gives you high security system by continuously changing the code each time you used the remote control. It makes the garage door to responds with only one code each. The code is copied from working system, make the access code changed before it can be stolen. This system need extra requirement, you need to do some electrical wiring during the installation.

  1. There will be limit switch wires there, unwind them and set the twist ties.
  2. On the garage door’s rail, place the two limit switches there. Make sure that the arrows are facing away from the power head (the motor that raises and lowers the garage door at the end of the rail.)
  3. Place the brown wire switch on the rail 15 inches away from the rain strap and then insert the Hex head screw No. 8-32 1- Inch. For white wire switch place it 15 inches away from power head and insert the same Hex head screw as well.
  4. After that lay the wires in the channel of the rail. You can secure them with using wire clips.
  5. Tidy the excess wire by coil the wire at the power head and tie them with twist ties from earlier.
  6. Wrap two ends of brown wires from earlier around the terminal screws 6 and 5 on the power head. Meanwhile for the white wires end, wrap them around terminal screws 5 and 4. Then tighten the terminal screws 4, 5, and 6 for security. You can use Philips-head screwdriver for tighten them down.
  7. Tighten the Hex head bolts of limit switches by using Hex socket and socket driver.

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