Troubleshooting Genie Pro Screw Drive Garage Door Opener: Genie Pro 98

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Garage door opener might be the coolest invention for human’s convenience ever. No matter the weather you have, your garage door opener will stay open and close in just one click away. As you live with your garage door opener everyday, once the garage door won’t close or open as it supposed to be you may get frustrated. It happens too with genie pro screw drive garage door opener: Genie Pro 98 model. One to get rid all the frustration is troubleshoot your garage door opener.

Troubleshooting your genie pro screw drive garage door opener: Genie Pro 98 is a starting point before you get the problem with your garage door handled. You will need a ladder and a dry rag to troubleshoot.

Garage Pro Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener is the coolest invention for human’s convenience

First, check the built-in transmitter whether or not it works. Press the button that connects the transmitter to the wall so it can go down and lift up, if the garage door moves like usual check remote transmitter in your car. Usually the remote transmitter needs a change of batteries.

Second, get a ladder and locate it  exactly under the main housing of Genie pro screw drive garage door opener: Genie Pro 98. Check the power cord that connects  into the outlet, whether it is plugged in or not. Get a small test by unplugging the door opener and get another working appliance plugged in into the outlet, see if the appliance working. Check also the breaker panel to check is there any tripped breaker.

Third, put the eye sensor in front of housing and check whether it is dusty or dirty. The dirt or dust makes the door won’t move, so remove it using a clean dry rag and clean the remote transmitter too.

Fourth, please check the area of tracking and the tracking whether it has any interrupted object lies on it. The door will lift up once it hits any item. As it has a system to protect children, you need to remove any object located in the garage door opener area.

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