How To Troubleshoot Of Genie Blue Max Manual

November 7, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

The Genie Blue Max garage door is a very reliable addition to your garage. When the things do not work exactly as they would be better before calling a repairman, you have to learn how to troubleshoot a Blue Max garage door yourself. It is because most garage door opener problems will be simple repairs. This system also uses a low voltage wiring system for the push button and safety systems. Among lot of units that Genie has, there are some models, which are no longer produced. Very few update for Genie Blue Max garage door opener and so the Genie Blue Max manual is very difficult to search.

There are some ways to troubleshoot of Genie blue max manual that you can learn easily. Before talking about that, you have to know there are three kinds door of this product. All of them also have different way to accomplish his problems. Here, we will just talk about door will not open. To troubleshoot this door, maybe you will need some things to help you. They are Screwdriver and Step Ladder.

After that, the first step that you can do is inspecting the carriage and the slide. Run the motor to the fully open position and raise the door by hand until the carriage connects into the slide on the opener rail. Then, inspect the chain or belt drive on the motor. You have to be replaced, if it has broken or become loose. The last, inspect for binding on the door. Disconnect the garage door from the opener. Raise it manually, and make sure that it is not binding. You have to adjust the track where necessary. Hopefully the information above can help you or many people which have same problem. Just read and enjoy.

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