Benefit and Detriment of Genie GITR-3BX Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote

February 15, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Installing garage door opener has been popular since several years ago. This way will make some conveniences for you. You do not need to push the heavy garage door manually with your hand. Have you installed garage door opener? Certainly, a remote is very important thing to operate your garage door. But, sometimes you will need to replace the remote. You can buy the remote in some stores. But, not all remote can work properly with your garage door opener, especially for the old one. You may need to buy Genie GITR-3 BX Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote. It is well-matched with Genie Intellicode and CodeDodger System. If you have Genie Intellicode garage door opener that was made among 1995 and 1998, it is the only one remote that is going to work with. You can buy it to change your existing remote.

A pack of Genie GITR-3 BX Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote consists of remote, visor clip and 12v battery. The regular price of this item is $15.85. But, you can get it with a special price of $11.50. For operating it, you can read the detailed programming instruction that is provided. The instruction will guide you to program the device. It is easy to install and program. The installation will be easier by two people. One is on a ladder to access the program button on garage door opener and the other is on the ground to push the button on remote.

For changing the old remote, you can wipe out the old codes on your opener and then program the new remote. The whole process will take a few minutes. But, you may find that Genie GITR-3BX Three Button Garage Door Opener Remote makes rattling noises.

If you install this exquisite device, your house is absolutely modernized. It will provide you more convenience, safety and security. It is now available in many retailers, both online and offline.

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