The Nice Features of Genie Powermax 1500 Garage Door Opener that Should be Known

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One of the most regularly used appliances in our house is our garage door. It is quite a frightening task for us to close and open it manually. The good solution of this problem is automating the garage door. It requires the homeowner to install the device that is specially designed to open and close the garage door automatically. Yes, we will need a garage door opener.

The Nice Features of Genie Powermax 1500 Garage Door Opener that Should be Known

Genie Powermax 1500

Genie Powermax 1500 Garage Door Opener is one of good choices. It provides intelligent design for the one who wants maximum power and maximum speed. Greater design and ultimate conveniences will fit their lifestyle. The power to operate the residential garage door is created from the 1 HPc 140 Volt DC motor. To give the ultimate performance (in fast), it can maximize the opening speed up to 12 inches each second. It can bring maximum lifting force with superior reliability. The user can get more convenience and security from integrated motion detector with 2 100-Watt bulb lighting systems. There is SmartSet programming that allows fast and easy installation.

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Genie Powermax 1500 Garage Door Opener also features Auto Seek Dual Frequency. With this feature, the system will mechanically seek the 315 or 390 MHz frequency that is made by the remote. It makes sure the opener will reply in any case of near frequency interference. Its GenieSense Monitoring & Diagnostic Technology can bring the power that is needed at each movement of garage door. It will continuously monitor the operation of your door. It will stop the operation when the significant changes happened. GenieSenseā„¢ reduces the noise, wear and tear on your door. It improves the whole safety. If there is something moves across the beam, the door will stop and reverse to open position. Its superior encryption technology avoids the piracy of radio signal that will open the garage door by seeking the new code continually from many combinations. Genie Powermax 1500 Garage Door Opener is assembled in USA.

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