How to Fix Genie Garage Door Opener Opens but Does Not Close

February 17, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Sometimes, a garage door could not move from the open position. You may face your Genie Garage Door Opener openers but does not close. The most frequent problem comes from the lenses. There are some common reasons why the safety lenses reject to let your garage door closing, such as: obstacle to the sensors, out of the alignment, the sensor is dirty (it may be covered with spider webs), wiring trouble, the door is off track and cluttered items blocking one or both lenses.

Genie Garage Door Opener openers - geniegarageproYou need to check and clear any obstacle in its track. If the problem still goes on, you should check the Safe-T-Beam LED indicator. Look whether the red Safe-T-Beam LED indicator is flashing or not. If the red LED is flashing, make sure that you mount the lenses around 5-6 inches from the floor at either side of the opening of your garage door. The lenses should be lined up facing each other. Safe-T-Beam is a safety feature that should be fitted to work the Genie garage door opener. A blinking Safe-T-Beam LED indicator shows that a malfunction has happened.

You should clean the lenses if you find some dirt. The lenses are sensitive part of the equipment. They need careful handling.  You should wipe both the mirror and laser on the different side using a clean cloth (if possible, use microfiber). Clean the dirt, clutter or cobwebs that you find. They can cause Genie Garage Door Opener opens but does not close.

There are also several problems that make your garage door cannot function correctly, like your garage door is too weighty, a broken door alignment from accidents, damaged garage door springs, broken door opener, bad wiring and short in the electrical. If you cannot fix the problem, it is better for you to call certified technician. You should be aware that garage doors are very heavy. They are very dangerous if in a damaged condition.  You should keep your children and pets away until the garage doors are fixed.

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